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Lake Como Wedding

Sometimes, life throws unexpected twists our way and turns them into magical tales!

During my recent holiday in Milan, I had planned a styled wedding shoot at the beautiful Lake Como. But fate had something else in store for me.

On a beautiful Sunday at Lake Como, one of the couples I had booked mysteriously ghosted me. There I was, left with a stunning wedding dress and veil, yearning for a couple to photograph amidst this breathtaking Italian backdrop.

I decided to seize the moment and approached a couple passing by. To my delight, the second couple I asked was overjoyed to participate! Nadia revealed they had just gotten engaged a mere 15 minutes ago and dreamed of a wedding session in Italy.

It was like the universe conspired for this encounter. We embarked on an impromptu adventure, capturing their love at the very spot where they exchanged their engagement promises. The dress draped perfectly on Nadia, as if tailor-made for her. And with my mom's sewing skills, we swiftly tailored the "groom's clothes" to perfection.

In this journey, what started as a potential disappointment transformed into a love-filled, spontaneous celebration of dreams coming true.

Every moment has its own tale, and sometimes, the unexpected ones are the most beautiful!

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